Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems in Altrincham

Lots of doors and too many keys.  Use Warrington Lock & Safe to find a how a Master Key System can work for your business.

What is a Master Key

A Master Key is capable of opening and closing every lock in its respective master key system  ie the set of locks you want it to work with.

Each of your locks in this “system” will also have its own unique key which can lock or unlock its own lock.  Remember:  The master key can also open all of these locks.


Where would a Master Key System work?

There are many different reasons why business decided to have master keys.  We have used the example of a school to explain how it works.

‘The Master Key’

The Headteacher of a school holds the “Master” key and can access every door in the school.

“The Sub Key”

The Head of a Department has one key to access every classroom door which they are responsible for.  This key would not work in a door in a different department.

“The Unique Key”

A teacher would have a key to their classroom only.



You can easily benefit from this convenience by having us install or service a master key system in your place of residence or business. Our expertise guarantee you full, easy access to all the locks in the system which we will expertly install.  We can also give you the added security of a restricted system – the keys can only be cut by ourselves once we have received authorisation.