UPVc Door Locks

french doors locks altrinchamWarrington Lock and Safe are specialist in diagnosing and providing a solution for the many different type of lock problems you might face with your UPVC or Composite door. 

HowWe have over 20 years expereince in the business. 


With more homes owners are opting for a UPVC or Composite Door we make it our business to ensure we know what we are doing.

For a locksmith who has not had the right training or experience - it can be a nightmare to open a locked UPVc door if the multi-point lock is faulty.  Not for Warrington Lock & Safe, experts in UPVc and multi-point locks we can get you in fast and identify and change your faulty lock with ease.

With over 20 years experience we can in most cases identify the problem over the phone and provide you with a fixed price.  Be wary of other companies that only price to ‘get you in’ saying they may be able to repair it.  They use this tatic leading you to believe that the lock can be reparied and then they hit you with a large parts bill which they didn’t quote for before they came out and you are liable for it.  It is very rare that a multipoint lock can be repaired, we provide a clear price over the phone.  Here are some tips on what might be wrong and the solution.

What are the 2 most common problems with a multipoint locks?

Problem 1 – The lock and bolts all work fine when the door is, but it won’t work when the door is shut.

Solution – The common problem with this scenario is that the door is not aligned with the striker on the door frame.  No parts are needed to fix this, just an adjustment from our locksmith.

Problem 2 – The key is turning to the unlocked position but the handle won’t push down.  The door won’t open.

Solution – This problem is often due to the gearbox.  It is rare that this can be repaired, most cases the gearbox will need to be changed.  We will provide you with a fixed price over the phone.